Peter Happny Blacksmith

More Websites and Information That the Blacksmith Likes:

-ABANA: the Artist Blacksmith’s Association of Northern America

-NEB: New England Blacksmiths

-More info on the Portsmouth Holiday Arts Tour where you can come visit Peter Happny and many local artists in their own studios for one weekend in November.

-League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, find Peter Happny’s work in Concord and many other league stores

-Link to my wife and fellow Artist’s website, Lisa Grey, textile Artist

-Link to my wonderful daughter’s website, she’s a Holy Cross graduate, photographer, and peace maker

-My favorite Italian Sandwich Shop for the past three decades in Portsmouth, see if you can find a metal sub somewhere in the shop

-Piscataqua Savings Bank, look for metal signs outside the bank and a timeless piece inside.

-Ceres Bakery, check out the owner made in metal on top of the store

-Annabelle’s Ice Cream, where the 300lbs ice cram cone lives

-Portsmouth Fire Department, find the big metal fireman on Route 1

Peter Happny (L) and his daughter, Nora (R) pictured with gates he created in New York City right down the street from the MOMA

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